July 11, 2023 UPDATE!!! In our continued quest for justice we have submitted recent complaints to the federal and state authorities with 'whistleblower' status. The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and The New York Attorney General Office where a formal document was filed online in my own words. We have yet to hear from the SEC or The New York State Attorney General's Office about the status of investigations and no further followup after the initial response has been received from either departments.

In the meantime, no phonecalls or emails correspondences have come in from anyone after contact with several Legal offices, in esssence, the continuation to stymie my efforts in getting legal representation.

July 9, 2023. UPDATE!! after going through all the legal channels available for help with zero success, I've decided to stick to my mantra to not ask of man the things of God.


March 25, 2023. It is with a heavy heart that I have chosen to disclose this great EVIL that has befallen us and as a result, caused us not to be able to proffer our completed books for almost a decade. This is because of the following:

The courts will not entertain my filing because he has effectlively enslaved me in a free country.

I have been forced to only pen the following case, THAT I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FILE FOR MYSELF BECAUSE OF AN ILLEGAL CONSERVATORSHIP, given to my father that I have known for only 3 months of my entire life. And how did they know you were my biological father? My mother had the good sense not to put your name on our birth certificates since you abandoned us when we were babies and left her solely to see to our wellbeing . I've NEVER mentioned or talked about you to anyone I knew before this.

They tried to perpetuate that I am mad, yet I have been writing my books for the past ten years from which they have been benefiting for almost a decade. Good enough to work, but not good enough to enjoy the fruits of that labor.

To my 'father': Since you have been given a conservatorship over me, I demand to know why you have me living on the streets for months? Where is the food and clothing you should be providing from the hundreds of millions of dollars you entered into an agreement to codify a crime of grand theft? Where is the care that comes with conservatorship? Isn't that the last four of your social security that appeared on my filing a year ago that I got from the IRS?

Britney Spears, your father is shining like a gem right now. At least you were allowed to live in a mansion since my sister and I have been running the road after we were divested of our home.

I digress. Since I have to find somewhere to live currently, my bags are packed and waiting for you or the court that gave you an illegal conservatorship, notwithstanding, there was a Trust involved, to find a way to get somewhere for me to live.

Dear 'father', while you are busy buying properties for your children, that I don't even know, with MY MONEY, please stop to remember the two daughters who made that money are homeless. Though, I'm sure you're aware of that.

Stop with the 'you get a house, you get a house and you get a house' with your women and children because you're not exactly Oprah. She, at least, earned the right to be a Santa Claus.

You, along with others, are culpable for all the attempts, and continued attempts, at me and my sister's lives so that you can move on from this most horrible story to sweep it under the rug. But there's no hiding this horrific crime that you will one day answer for per the God that I serve.

My Devoted Readers: You may wonder how you can help, give the following case to any attorney you know. Any attorney who is willing to take this case and bring JUSTICE delayed for a decade.