About Us

The Edwards Twin Sisters hailed from the Caribbean with their roots in English aristocracy and 'dutty tuff' Jamaica. They are the inventors of 'Reality/Live Books' which allows you, the reader, to 'read your books and l-i-v-e them too!' These books are written in real time with current or breaking news events worldwide woven into the storylines and music that matches the mood of each chapter/installment.

Being avid readers since they were children roaming the streets of Kingston, Jamaica where their musical role model, Bob Marley, treaded, the Edwards Twin Sisters found their escape in books and their strong Faith. Especially, after the death of their mother from breast cancer when they were teenagers.

Now, they have captured the future of books within their 'Reality/Live Books' invention through the pseudonyms 'Carie Kayland' and TGB. These pseudonyms are exclusive to their website, thegreaterbooks.com, as well as all their other books that are also written under pseudonyms or a partial name as in the case of Elizabeth Edwards. Log on each week, explore new books or click on the 'L-i-v-eBooks' tab, and follow the twist and turn of each Reality/Live Books series. They will keep you entertained and informed.

The Edwards Twin Sisters
Owners of The Greater Books, LLC