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Last Updated January 01, 2024

Welcome to thegreaterbooks.com, we will provide you with features to be used on our website under the following conditions: Once you access our site to browse you are acknowledging acceptances of the said conditions. Please review carefully and decide whether you can adhere to these stipulations. There is no selling of books at this time or since January of 2014. No other entity, website or booksellers have been given permission to sell or distribute our intellectual property. All contents, currently, are available to be read for free.


The Privacy notice will notify you of our practices that govern your visit to our site at: Privacy Policy


All electronic communications via our site will be by postings. You are hereby agreeing that disclosures and notices or any other electronic communications from us meet the lawful requirements that the contact is made via written statements.


There is no account creation on our website since its inception. Therefore if you created an account via our site please take note this would have been erroneous since we have yet to collect any such information from our users to-date. If you feel that you have been violated please contact your local authorities. You will be liable for all activities that are conducted by your usage of our site. If you are not older than 18 years old you are required to use our services only with the consent of your parent/guardian. We at the thegreaterbooks.com retain the right to terminate any usage of our site we feel has violated the terms of usage on the site.


It is only with the expressed consent of thegreaterbooks.com that any text, images, logos, audio clips, digital downloads, the gathering of data, icons can be used by other third parties as they are protected by the United States and International copyright and patent laws. At this time, we don't have any such agreement with any entities to use or distribute our intellectual materials. All and every content of this site is the sole property of The Greater Books, LLC. You may not resell, change or reproduce the content or framework of thegreaterbooks.com without written permission from the owners, The Edwards Twin Sisters. You may not in any way use our trademark name or content to depict us in any unsavory light or fashion.


The patent pending for thegreaterbooks.com, under its owner and inventor Sherril Elizabeth Edwards, is used to regulate the features and services that can be accessed by the Reality/Live Books on our site.


There are no posting of comments, questions, and reviews of products and services on our site via contact pages and emails at this time or ever. No spam or chain communications contents of any form are allowed.

There have never been any collection of contents and materials on this website. Should you be a victim of sending any materials under the disguise of our website please contact your local authorities.


We have never authorized the printing of any of our books. Therefore, if you have any instance of lost shipment or otherwise this would constitute fraud.


There are no selling of books at this time. There has never been any type of subscription set up by us for the L-i-v-e chapters of our books.


Thegreaterbooks.com website's contents and services that are available to you will be on an 'as available' or 'as is' basis, only where otherwise stated in writing. There are no expressed guarantee of functionality given by thegreaterbooks.com as to conditions or availability of contents, books and services that are accessed on this website, only where otherwise stated in writing. You are hereby agreeing that your use of this site is at your own peril and not that of thegreaterbooks.com.

The Greater Books, LLC with allowable full degree of applicable laws denies all guarantees, pledged or otherwise expressed for a particular result of use of goods and services from this website. Also, there will be no guarantees that contents accessed from thegreaterbooks.com are free of destructive components such as viruses or worms. Therefore, thegreaterbooks.com will not be legally responsible for any harm that may result from the receiving or accessing of any goods and services from this website, whether it is obvious, indirect, penal or significant indemnity, only where otherwise stated in writing from thegreaterbooks.com. Some state laws may allow you additional rights because of their non-limitations on guarantees or elimination of damages. In such a case, the above statements may not pertain to you since this might allow you to have additional rights to claim damages in specific instances.


NO other parties or businesses sell the product lines or services that are similar to that of thegreaterbooks.com. In cases where products are sold elsewhere, please contact your local authorities.


The laws of the state of New York, without consideration of any other ethics of laws that may conflict, will administer the Terms of Use and any disagreements that may come about between yourself and thegreaterbooks.com. If applicable any such dispute that exceeds $5000 will be adjudicated in the state or federal courts of Queens County, New York and as such the exclusive use of this jurisdiction and location of the courts are acceptable to you.


To notify us of any copyright infringement please send to us the following information:

  • Name of the owner of copyrighted material;
  • Detailed description of the work;
  • Telephone number, address or contact information of all parties;
  • An Affidavit stating that you are the owner or true proxy acting on behalf of the work that was infringed upon, to:

Copyright Department