Our Journey

The seed for The Greater Books was germinated on a novel scientific theory the twin sisters dubbed The Edwardian Theorem which speaks of the physiological superiority of the female. This idea came to one of the twin sisters during a lab session at her college in New York City in 2001. She then wrote articles on the topic and, eventually, started her book, Are Women the Superior Gender?: 'Simple' Facts Science has Revealed, while attending City College, New York. This has since been upgraded in 2nd Edition.

A Myspace, Twitter and Facebook accounts (all stolen) were created where the idea was aired to a worldwide audience. In fact, by February of 2008 the book was previewed on their website, thegreaterbooks.com, and by February 2012 garnered attention to the tune of almost 4.5 million Facebook likes even though the book was not yet published. A shell of the book was copyrighted in 2006 and again in 2011 to protect the novel Edwardian Theorem. In the meantime, they registered their brick and mortar The Greater Books, LLC, a publishing company in 2011 in Sparta, New Jersey (has since relocated and registered in New York in 2015).

In May of 2012, the girls presented another novel idea to the world audience called Reality/Live Books where books are written in real-time given by chapter(s) or installments (meaning: less than one or more than one chapter at a time) which incorporates current or breaking news events worldwide accompanied by a song that matches the mood of the said chapter or installment then delivered to a 'live' audience. Hence, the world's first book ever written in real-time Snitched! A Provisional Patent was filed in March of 2013 and then a Non-Provisional in April of 2014 to protect their invention that received a 'First to File' status and the rest remains, Reality/Live Books history!

The girls are currently the only two authors published by their company and websites and their books are written under the pseudonyms Carie Kayland, Elizabeth Edwards, Nora Gordon, Mia Cho, and TGB. Also, they remain the sole owners and controllers of their company and websites from the time of inception (Feb 2008) to date. Their company or URLs have NEVER been traded, whether publicly or privately. Therefore, there are no shareholders, partners, investors or any other entity with any interest in The Greater Books, LLC and its affiliated URLs (thegreaterbooks.com, thegreaterbook.com and livestreambooks.com). In fact, The Greater Books LLC and its holdings are bounded in a Trust owned and Trusteed by either of the Edwards Twin Sisters, which has since been updated to an IRREVOCABLE TRUST to include the 3rd URL www.thegreaterbook.com. The Edwards Twin Sisters are the only two individuals who speak for the company, the invention, and books.

We want to make special mention of the fact that The Greater Books, LLC has NEVER dabbled into anything outside of books. We are not affiliated with any other industry, as is being reported by Dun & Bradstreet, or book company.

Also, it is very important that we reiterate to you our readers and supporters that we, the Edwards Twin Sisters, Sole Owner(s) and the ONLY Authors/Employees of The Greater Books, LLC, have NEVER recieved any income from our invention or the sales of any books from our website contrary to the postulated fraud discovered online. As we've explained before, this remains the main reason we've not put up any books for sale in over eight years. We chose, however, to continue proffering books to you because it is what we love to do, write.

With that said, regardless of the challenges, the Edwards Twin Sisters are resolved to continue bringing you, their devoted worldwide audience of hundreds of millions of readers, revolutionary volumes that inform and entertain. Remember...when God chooses you, it doesn't matter who didn't. ENJOY!