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To Our Devoted Readers,


Very Important Update, April 20, 2024, just happened. To the 'devils' who decided to turn on the air conditioning unit inside my abode remotely after I turned it off, I SEE YOU. How were you able to get the air blowing so powerfully through the vents when the unit says the air is off and there was nothing I could do to turn it off? I guess this will be another sleepless night for me while I await your next move besides your latest gadgets you just planted early this morning on the sidewalk across the road that's pointed in our direction in your constant and latest attempt at our lives. Who are you monsters? In the end, GOD WINS.



August 12, 2023. A week after removing the music from all our books. I've had just an hour sleep because I was up all night waiting for you to arrive and you didn't disappoint. In your black garbage truck lookalike vehicle when you tried to breach a locked garage to enter our abode between 6:00 and 6:40 a.m. this morning.

I urge you to consider in your zeal to eliminate us that it wouldn't exculp you from answering the questions because our Devoted Readers also want those answers. Such as, where are the monies they paid for the books purchased as well as their donations? 'FUNDING ACCOUNT'? For my heirs, who subverted my position as The Greater Books, LLC's sole owner and representative in the IRS and to whom? A 'father' who was never there for us our entire lives?

Did you trade my company without permission after an illegal acquisition? Never-the-less, enslaved me and my sister for the last 10 years because we were the sole authors of those books and still are to-date. SEC and NY AG, what happened to my 'whistleblower' protection? I have only one thing left to say 'God's got this'.

August 05, 2023, Important Update!! It has just come to our attention that a certain web browser is allowing for the downloads of music files from this website. Because we are not in the business of the distribution of music files therefore, as a result, we're immediately forced to remove all the music from the books until further notice. We thank you, Our Devoted Readers, for your kind cooperation in this matter.

February 23, 2023. Very, Very, Important. We have eliminated the ability to access our website via https:// or www. You can access our website by typing This became necessary because of the illegal creation and uses of https:// and www subdomains of our URL. We thank you for your kind understanding at this time.
January 3, 2023. Important Update!! Please be advised we decided to take down our 'livestreambooks' website because of the continuous creation of unauthorized SSL Certificates for our URLs. We have chosen not to have 'https://' versions of our website because, at this time, we do not collect personal information from you our readers. Any such websites or use of our URLs represent a violation of our rights.


November 28, 2022, Important Update. This past September 11, 2022, I opened up the curtain a little and let you into the injustice and tyranny that have been a constant in my life for over a decade. Then this happened: CLICK. The filing with the SEC became necessary when there was no answer from Amalgamated Bank after a Request for Information.
CRITICAL UPDATE!! September 11, 2022, is our (The Edwards Twin Sisters) Birthday and I know for many represents a day of grief and mourning as well. This is probably the most difficult installment I have probably written and I urge you to READ it because it is important (to me).


July 19, 2021, Important Update!! It has come to our attention, a day after we concluded the world’s first completed book in real time, Intemperate Cravings, online, that the USPTO's Office of Petition has moved to remove the Patent Pending Protected status of our AIA First to File Patent Application under the guise of a Petition that Inventor, Sherril Elizabeth Edwards, DID NOT request, paid for or filed. However, we would like to note to you our readers that this Reality/Live Books Invention CANNOT be practiced by any other website or entity. Meanwhile, we will continue to fight this latest misstep by the Patent Office.


We will now bring to you our live-to-the-end series. We've done careful deliberations on the books chosen and decided it was time to explore to a fuller extent our Reality/L-i-v-e Books Invention. (October 2, 2020) ENJOY!


It is imperative that we, the Edwards Twin Sisters, explain to you our readers again that we haven't been able to proffer the completed versions of our books for the same reasons as discussed in 'Our Journey'. Unfortunately, because our situation remains the same.
Having said that, we want you to know the only external link is a reference to our patent application. There are NO partners, recommendations, promotions, endorsements or advertisements of any kind authorized by us on this website. Should you come across any please make note of them.


We want to take the time out to thank you, our readers, for your unwavering support of our books evidenced by your visit to our site. Remember, there are no P.O. Box, blog pages or social media accounts associated with this website.
The Edwards Twin Sisters want to thank you, our readers, for your prayers and well wishes (although we have no way of receiving them), after the vicious attack through the poisoning of our food, where we used to reside in Wakefield, Bronx, New York, and the painful after effects that followed.


We at The Greater Books, LLC want to remind you, our readers, that we have no way for you to contact us at this time. In fact, we have never had any response from any of you ever since May 2012 when we first offered our Reality/Live Books Invention. Therefore, any contact purported to be us would be false and we caution you not to respond since all of our email accounts were either stolen/taken over.
In the meantime, we ask for your prayers since we've had several systematic attempts at our lives and we pray that we will be able to bring our books for you to continue to enjoy reading. No other persons or entity (including family members, estranged or otherwise), but the Edwards Twin Sisters have the right to speak for the books, the invention or the company.
We at The Greater Books, LLC have reached a conclusion that there are no pending Federal investigations being conducted on our behalf, with regards to the theft of all our books sales to-date, after dropping off critical evidence at the various Federal Agencies with no feedback and are being given the runaround. We'll continue to entertain so you can 'read your books and l-i-v-e them too!'

Sincerely yours,

The Edwards Twin Sisters
Owners of The Greater Books, LLC