The Heist

September 11, 2023 Epic Update!! Today is our, the Edwards Twin Sisters' birthday and we pray for a peaceful existence for the day.

To our Devoted Readers, I thought it is about time that I pull back the curtains, rip the bandaid off, literally, on what I have discovered in my own investigation of our current situation in this present milieu.

As you all know, I have recently filed FOIAs to the SEC under The Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552 to find out about the possible trading of my company, The Greater Books, LLC, by rogue actors. These 'assets' have not only stolen the monies of all our book sales but have continued to benefit from this rogue action with the help of another 'specific' rogue actor who sought to also gain from our demise.

Therefore, it is imperative for me to go back ten years since I contacted my estranged 'father' after I found out we were robbed and a hit was put out on our lives.

I must first apologize to the good American people, the majority of whom are some of the most amazing human beings to be found on this earth. I, Sherril Edwards, became a law abiding citizen of this country and pledged my allegiance. As a result, I think what I'm about to reveal is not a betrayal but a sort of defense for the integrity of this country.

To my 'biological father': When we requested your help almost a decade ago you told us that you had a cousin who works with the CIA and you will seek his help. Weeks later when questioned about this your response was "The CIA is about the Corporate Interest of America." Well, I am about 'the Corporate Interest of the Almighty'. Didn't you also asked us "Where's your God?"

I will first start with the sequence of events that happened since we sought your help. (1) We were thrown out of our house. (2) I was wrongfully arrested under a false accusation of Assault on a Cop that you set up. (3) Several aggravated attempts on our lives including several poisonings and gassings, car accidents, chemical and biological attacks on our bodies, tapping of our phones, the continued unwarranted air and ground surveillances, and last but not least, (4) Continued financial crimes on our financial accounts and the 'pretense' takeover of our company for significant monetary gains. From fake tax returns and misrepresentation in the IRS. All but the fiduciary activities happened before you entered the picture but have escalated under your covert machination to try and bring legitimacy to this horrendous crime.

The point of arresting me should have resulted in my commission to a mental institution so that your 'fake Conservatorship' would be justified even though we've NEVER had a relationship with you. Due to this, I was forced into three Mental Evaluations that the court subjected on me to ensure you all got a 'win'.

Mental Evaluation 1 Conducted by a reknowned doctor who said with her own lips that she also had Jamaican friends and she didn't find anything wrong with me.

Mental Evaluation 2 Conducted by Uknown. For the purpose of disclosure, on my way to the second evaluation at the courthouse I was called by my Public Defender who said to me, verbatim, "Ms Edwards, where are you? I see where you have signed in (to the court registery) but I don't know where you are?" Only, I hadn't even reached the courthouse as of yet because I was still on my way, being driven by a neighbor who was a witness to this.

Most telling, was when this report came back, it deemed me, surprise, surprise, 'Incompetent'. Except, you and your cronies 'forgot' to make sure in your description of who was being evaluated it also was a match for me, Sherril Edwards, a Colored woman from Jamaica because per that report I am 'Caucasian'. I will gladly go off on a limb and say that whoever signed my name before I arrived for the evaluation was the person evaluated and not the fake evaluation that was conducted of me afterwards.

Mental Evaluation 3 Conducted by another reknowned doctor that only became necessary because the second 'fake' evaluation deemed me 'incompetent', they needed a tiebreaker. But here she corraborates my cognitive health and pointed out that she too did see where the prior evaluation stated I was 'caucasian'. In fact, the water damage to the said 'fake report' was executed at some point during my instability of homelessness when they tried to change and destroy evidence by putting me to sleep to gain access to my body, as in my fingerprints, and documents.

Did this look like a win to you 'Dear Father'? Nevertheless, you all went ahead as though you had successfully gained the right for a 'Conservatorship' because none of you could wait to access my money. But, then again, there would always be the option to kill me, right?

As an American citizen, given protection under the United States Constitution from tyranny and harm from bad actors such as you, foreign or domestic, and most importantly, by the power of the Almighty that is invested in me to request the following:

(1) Another FOIA to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) after careful research on what to request.

(2) Filed another Identity Theft paperwork Form 14039-B to the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) and Form 4506T for the information about the incidences regarding filings for my company which is imperative after I requested a copy of my tax return a year later (2022) that was filed back in 2021 from the tax office and a 'letter' that I never got at the time I filed my taxes but was sent along with the request, after the fact. In this letter, there was a suggestion that I provided 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099R and Forms W2 that I NEVER provided. Actually, there are implications that my company has been paying out salaries and have been paying out monies to entities that I have no knowledge about (mind you, while I'm homeless). This tax office claims about conducting 'interviews', again, after the fact, from various sources is also troubling.

Lastly, 'Dear Father', you didn't earn the rights to sacrifice me or my sister. Didn't they tell you it's not exactly a sacrifice if you DO NOT love that which is being sacrificed?

We thank you, our Devoted Readers, for your continued support. God bless and stay enlightened.