Our Nightmare

To my Devoted Readers:

On July 31, 2022, 6 weeks ago I, Sherril Elizabeth Edwards, died one of 2 deaths at the Westside Regional Hospital in Plantation, Florida after another sustained attack on my life. As I laid on a gurney in the emergency room, with 4 doctors working on my lifeless body, I thought 'I'm not dead, I can hear you.'

My thoughts went to the fact that I didn't feel as they punctured holes in my body and I listened to them shouting for someone to get a woman in the room immediately. I don't recall her name but it seemed she would be critical to my recovery. It was minutes later when she arrived and assisted in my care and, subsequent, resuscitation.

I recalled that I kept thinking that 'God you promised me and you CANNOT lie'. I remember also thinking that I have been here before so I knew not to panic and that my body and spirit would somehow come together again so I should relax until the doctors were sucsessful in whatever they needed to do.

My blood level was at 3.9 and dropping. Somehow, it seemed one of the doctors made his way out to my twin sister in the waiting area and informed her of my possible passing/unresponsiveness.

I heard my sister run into the room screaming then she grabbed my hand and shouted my name.

In that moment, I realized that I needed to reassure her that I was still here so, miraculously, I was able to command my eyes to open and looked at her with reassurance that I was alive, I wasn't dead. The doctors shouted their joy at this. My sister then left the room and allowed the doctors to complete what they needed to do.

I then had thoughts of the fact that I was in the middle of writing a chapter. Didn't think I'd done anything to fall out of the Grace of God. What if my readers never got to hear the stories I still have to tell? But I could not come up with anything I had done that would cause me to lose my Blessing.

My preface of this horrific incident for my few remaining family members and friends brought me to the decision that there are other important things I have been keeping from you, my Devoted Readers and thought, what if I had died and you never heard it from my own lips? To the perpetrators in their zeal to bring my life to an end, it is important to expose the faceless monsters and their assassins who chose to attack me at every turn. Successfully so from the guns they continually have pointed at my back that is missing one bullet that is still lodged in my body. My death is commanded to cover up how they have mutilated the organ (in Dec 2008 at the Memorial West Hospital in Miramar, FL) in my body to help bring about my demise.


For the last twenty years their goal has been to devastate our lives when at first they took the last job I was allowed to have at the Broward Community College (2003) TWO decades ago because of their angst regarding a 'simple' theory about the superiority of women and made sure I never got hired again in this country after attaining multiple Degrees and Certifications in my field including 20+ years of experience as a Systems Analyst. Their routing of my life started then and has continued to this day.

They broke their own laws to relieve me of all my (real estate) properties in order to ensure we would be homeless and, as a result, help facilitate their unfettered access to our bodies and intellectual properties.

After working with my sister on the first two books 'Are Women the Superior Gender' and 'Saudi Confidential' then giving them to the two biggest book companies in this country to sell and we have yet to receive a dime. Yet, one of them afterwards is purporting to having 'sold out' of a book (Incognita) I NEVER gave either of them permission to sell.

I tried to flee their tyranny when I left Florida to New York in 2016 and was admitted to a hospital in the Bronx and was later told by 7 lead doctors/surgeons after they ran a CT scan, all who visited my bedside at the same time, to inform me that something horrible and criminal was done to my body and was the cause of my constant chronic loss of blood (5 total visits to hospitals in Florida, New York, and Georgia since that Dec. 2008 surgery).

My numerous trips and complaints to the Federal Agencies (December, 2013 - to-date) where I dared to show up/emailed a mountain of evidence about the stolen monies from ALL the book sales from my hosted website (thegreaterbooks.com).

The FBI (more than 3 visitations and an email), the FTC, the Secret Service (3 hours interview Feb. 5, 2014), the New York AG Office (visit and numerous email) and the IRS where I filed a complaint regarding the fact that my company was robbed and the possibility of Identity Theft (2014) and subsequent changes when I moved my company. Therefore, it behooves me 8 years later after filing my taxes as a Sole Proprietor (for only the second time in ten years) with several unsuccessful attempts to get information regarding my company from the IRS to then receive a letter with someone else's Social Security Number and not mine attached. Still got no credible explanation why after a recent visit to the tax office in Plantation, Florida.

They have employed the love of their god(money) against my GOD (the Almighty ONE). So, while they are at it, remember, my GOD not only created them but their god as well.

With the magnitude of the monies they've stolen from me, they have yet to purchase some standard to ensure there was no low they wouldn't go in their constant and sustained attacks at our lives.

My Devoted Readers, I could go on and on about all the atrocities which will be coming out in our biography, ...A Job-like Mission. But I think you might have already gotten the picture and I hope I've helped shed a bit more light on the 'nightmare' my twin sister and I have been living.

Some of you might ask what can you do? How can you help? You might have already.

How? This brings back to memory the incident of my inked fingers almost a year ago around the time I opened up the FUNDRAZR account and asked for your help. It was not too long ago that I remembered having seen my fingers in that same inked condition one morning when I woke up back in the Summer of 2017 around the time I created the GOFUNDME account asking for your help.

I am not sure about this but just maybe you DID make donations to our legal fund though I have no way of knowing since I have NEVER received a single penny from any of those two funding campaigns. What you all can do, if you know that you have given monies to any of our two campaigns; CALL!! GOFUNDME and FUNDRAZR (which the donations from FUNDRAZR should have automatically been deposited to my Amalgamated Bank Account in New York) and ask them where your money went since I have not received any answers to-date regarding complaints to both entities. That would mean this time they didn't only rob me but YOU as well. But be careful as I wish no harm to come to anyone as they are vicious about hiding the truth. Remember, the cover-up is usually worse than the crime.

Please pray for our continued success in letting you 'Read your books and l-i-v-e them too!'

Sincerely, one of two of your devoted writers, Sherril Elizabeth Edwards